Louisiana Medicaid ICD-10

We recently worked as part of a large team to move update the medical coding standard for Louisiana Medicaid from and ICD-9 standard to an ICD-10 standard. Concord Business Services took the lead on all SQL development for this project. We also had an active role with the web/PC development team and in the integration of data between the mainframe and the PC-based systems.

In addition, we provided the system used for bug and feature tracking for the project and participated in seminars and demonstration for Government officials.

These systems handle tracking for many kinds of interactions, and at a rate where millions of records are processed each month.

This was a critical implementation with no schedule or budget flexibility, and not only was the project completed on time, but we had additional time to develop a bonus reporting and inquiry tool to help the state government get information on demand about patients and their interactions with Medicaid providers.